Around the end of October I got my flu shot at the CVS at the Wyoming Avenue Midway in Wyoming. The pharmacist who gave me the shot was quite a really nice blondie, a really nice looker named Caitlin. It only took a few minutes with a little paperwork to fill out. I got it in my left shoulder. All went well. A few days later, though, I started getting really violent headaches on one side of my head. They lasted for about six days. It was during the time of the annual St. Jude novena at O.L. Eucharist Parish in Pittston Junction. I showed up for most nights of the novena in spite of all the pain & aggravation. The novena worked out really well. All the same people show up each year so I see many familiar faces.   The weather was really nice most nights.    It was the fifty fifth year of the novena.     When I went back to the drug store a few days ago to get something I asked the pharmacist about my headaches & she said there didn’t seem to be any connection to the shot. She assumed it must be from either sinus or an allergy. That’s what I’ve always assumed too.

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