On Tuesday, November 6, we in the United States shall be faced with a most important decision: Do we want to have a free country or do we want the radicals on the left to dictate our each & every single move for us with their liberal totalitarian tactics? They are trying to force the people of our country to accept their HHS Mandate, thereby obviating entirely the Constitution’s First Amendment. It’s not really about artificial contraception though that is an intrinsic evil. It’s about whether we, the citizens of this country, have a right to run our own lives or whether we must let the Obama regime decide literally who lives & who dies. Don’t be fooled by all the accusations of racism. We simply shall have to vote against our current incumbent because he is trying to take away all our rights & freedom. When the First Amendment goes all else goes. Planned Parenthood is yet another example of what happens when artificial contraception’s direct & inevitable offspring, abortion , homosexuality, & euthanasia, reign supreme. Abortion & euthanasia are the perfect solution to the question of who counts & who doesn’t. To condone contraception & homosexuality is to condone them both too.



  1. Um. I am in favour of the acceptance of gay people, and against euthanasia. I am against abortion except when the woman involved decides she needs one- it is her body, after all. I thought people generally were in favour of artificial contraception, considering family sizes.


    1. Homosexuals are owed exactly as much respect as anyone but we must not condone their lifestyle. It’s intrinsically obscene. Abortion is always the taking of an innocent helpless human life. It’s intrinsically obscene. Artificial contraception, like abortion & homosexuality, violates both the unitive & procreative properties of sexuality so it’s intrinsically obscene. Euthanasia is intrinsically obscene because, like abortion, it presumes to decides who’s worthy & unworthy of life.


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