The Carmelite meetings have been going very well lately. Msgr. Grimaglia & Sister Mary Robert’s attendance isn’t perfect but it’s very good.  We’ve finished the last chapter of the book we were reading & are about to start another one at our next meeting.   At the end of September, until October 1, I went to most days of the novena for the Feast of St Therese of Lisieux at the Maronite Church of St. Anthony & St. George in Wilkes~Barre. As usual I made sure I got something at their annual bake sale too.   I always see the same people there each year including Fr. Bill’s brother.    Because of construction, the traffic was an absolute nightmare for the first two days I went. A few weeks ago Gino & Michelle gave a really nice party at the Checkerboard Inn in Back Mountain. It was in honor of their having officially adopted their three children.  My mother couldn’t go but my father & I were both there.  So were Fran & Uncle Frankie.  Many friends & relatives of theirs were there, all the usual familiar faces including people from St. Monica’s in West Wyoming.   Gino drove the old guests from the parking lot to the main entrance in a cart.  The foliage there was especially impressive because of its having changed colors so much earlier than in most places.   I’ve been reading quite a lot lately.  


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