Until the middle of last month, I had never once, in my thirty~three years of driving, through both New York & Pa. , gotten a single ticket for a moving violation.    One morning last month, though, a policeman on Tenth Street pulled me over for failing to yield to a pedestrian at the crosswalk in front of the school.   Unlike most schools around here, there was no traffic control.   The very next day I made sure I sent a check in the mail to West Pittston because I wanted to make sure that everything was paid for & over with as soon as possible.   Yesterday I got a notice in the mail claiming that no one had ever gotten my payment.  I called the police department in West Pittston.   A woman answered.   She claimed that they could find no record of my ever having paid.   Two minutes after we hung up she called back & said that the secretary who was in charge of that had never bothered to put it into the right place.  Everyone knows how much trouble I could have gotten into for never having bothered to pay for a ticket like that.   It’s a lot more trouble than it’s worth so I didn’t dare to take any chances.   Although I was technically in the wrong, I still say I didn’t do anything that was the least bit dangerous.   Besides that, Luzerne County always has been among the most corrupt places in the state so I like to think I was framed.

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