• Because of problems on my main blog,  I shall be using this blog until further notice.   Unfortunately, one morning  a little over a week ago we got very bad news from my cousin Michelle.  She called to tell us that Aunt Lauren had gotten very badly hurt when she fell down a flight of stairs in her house.   She’s been recovering well so far but it will be quite difficult for her.   Today is my parents’ fifty~sixth wedding anniversary so we shall all wish them a very happy day.   Mother’s Day is tomorrow too.  I now wish a happy day to all the ladies who qualify.   Uncle Frankie left yesterday to visit Fran who is having a big party for Cinco de Mayo.   It’s interesting because they’re not Mexican.  This is one of those occasions, though, which anyone can enjoy.   The weather is progressing quite well so far.  There’s been a lot of rain but the cold is fast receding into my memory.    Recently, for a mere pittance, I purchased quite a lot of books at the local Methodist church on Wyoming Avenue, right next door to the library.   I’ve been reading them a little at a time each day.  On Thursday my parents wanted me to go to Bon~Ton to pay a bill for them.   When I got there I noticed a very nice digital camera that was on sale, for a hundred dollar discount.  I asked the sales ladies about the details there & none of them had any idea what to tell me.  The ended up, after a while, tracking down a manager who could answer a few of my questions.   They reminded me that it’s not an electronics store so I shouldn’t expect them to be too knowledgeable about things like that.  

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